Mountain Berry Cobbler

Mountain Berry Cobbler

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We taught cooking classes at REI’s brand new Outessa Summit last weekend. This was a festival celebrating women in the outdoors. It was held at Kirkwood Resort in Tahoe, CA, and was an incredible experience. We were impressed with all the women who packed their schedules with activities including rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, and sunrise hiking. We were glad to be there for them when they were exhausted and starving.


We taught three classes: Campfire Cooking, Backpacking Cooking, and Fun Family Camp Cooking. Our first class of each day was “Campfire Cooking.” This was a fun class to teach, even though we couldn’t have an actual campfire on the premises. We did some magic cooking, and made this delicious and impressive Mountain Berry Cobbler in our virtual campfire. We got LOTS of positive feedback, and tested this recipe about 8 times, so we feel pretty confident that your co-campers will love it too.


This cobbler is a quick and easy dessert, but would also go great with a cup of coffee the next morning. It’s not too late to sign up for Outessa Weekend #2 in Powder Mountain, Utah. We’ll be there September 9, and hope to see you too!




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